Young, Sick and Invisible

My illness has shaped me,
But it does not define me.

Bee the Change - 2

Bee the Change

Yes Ladies and Gents, our second 'Bee the Change' post featuring individuals voices on what they believe needs to change, feel free to comment whether you agree and if you have a 'Bee the Change' opinion.

Lets get started:

Emma Louise - 'I wish there was a proper pathway for people with EDS to be directed to as the moment you have to do your own research to find specialists with an understanding of the condition and there are not many in the country.'

Hazel Jackson - 'They say you can never have too much information but how do you then make a balanced decision?

Take the use of plastic for instance, which has been in the news a lot due to Blue Planet and #PlasticFreeJuly. I’m a keen recycler/upcycler/reuser and have certainly been trying to cut down my plastic usage. I do find I’m against the odds with so much unnecessary excess plastic wrapping in supermarkets. It has led me to do much more research on the subject and I have joined a couple of groups to combat my plastic waste and indeed waste in general.

But then I read about the other side of the coin that says fruit and veg wrapped in plastic prolongs its life thus reducing spoilt food waste, and if all drinks were served in glass bottles instead of plastic, more energy would be wasted in production and transportation. I’m sure this fact can be argued by environmentalists. I think all we can do is try to reduce waste in general, and redistribute and reuse as much as we can. We all need to get away from today’s throwaway society!You can read more about how to cut down on your plastic waste and reuse, redistribute and recycle your rubbish on my blog at

Thanks for inviting me to share my thoughts.'

Michelle Woodward Wagner - 'I'd change the other side of the opioid crisis, those with chronic pain/illness What to do when in crisis mode—meaning how to get past negative thoughts, ways to cope when you are struggling with those feelings.'

If you wish to get involved with our 'Bee the Change', then feel free to contact us on Facebook, or our Contact page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible ... we look forward to hearing your Changes.

Until next time,

Bethany S.

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