Young, Sick and Invisible

My illness has shaped me,
But it does not define me.

Bee The Change

Bee The Change

It hit me only recently, that not only is it hard to speak the truth, it's hard to confront the truth.

What if there was a way we could all connect on similar thoughts and try to make a change.

Me and Amy have had a chat and thought up this amazing new concept for the blog, 'Bee the Change'. 'Bee the Change' will be a by monthly blog post on Monday that incorporates ten different peoples voices on things that they wish to change, whether that be personally, socially or within society.

It will be a way for people to really sit down and think of how they not only treat themselves, but how society treat them or how anyone treats them because of who they are.

For example you can talk about how you wish for GP surgeries to change, or the stigma on mental health, or how Hospitals and the public treat your chronic illness .. the list is endless.

If you wish to get involved, please get into contact with us on the 'Contact and Subscribe' page or simply message us on our blogs Facebook page, you can remain anonymous if wished, but also your concerns and changes can be as long or short as you want, this is a chance for you to have your say and let that voice be heard.

I look forward to hearing what people have to say, but also seeking change.

Until next Monday,

Bethany S.

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