Young, Sick and Invisible

My illness has shaped me,
But it does not define me.

'I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their level of perception.'

Pink smoke

Recently I went around social media and asked 'What are the contradictions, paradoxes and ironies that people and Doctors have told you ..?'

Below are just a few of what they got back to me with, shocking is just one of many words I could think of when going through them all.

- 'Are you doing enough exercise ..? It's a lovely day outside!'

- 'Why are you on antidepressants ..? It's so nice and sunny outside !'

- 'You got sick because you got your nails done.'

- 'You should be more positive.'

- 'You must be depressed.;

- 'You look better now.'

- 'You should see a private specialist / but don't trust anything they say because they do it for the money.'

- 'Here try this new pill (not approved by FDA)/ diet/ supplement.'

- 'You should stick to the NHS system, but don't trust what they say because they'll advise whatever is cheapest.'

- 'You don't feel better yet ..?'

- 'Get better soon.'

- 'Get over it.'

- 'But you don't look ill, maybe it's all in your head.'

- 'My cousins girlfriend's father had it and now he's cured, all he did was 'this'.'

- 'But you're always smiling and happy ..?'

- 'Take a shower, you''ll feel better.'

- 'Maybe you'd feel better if you got out of bed and did stuff.'

- 'Just drink milk.'

- 'Lose weight and you'll be fine.'

- 'You're lucky you have that and not something worse.'

- 'Put garlic in your ear.'

- 'Take the medicine your Doctor told you to take.'

- 'You're sick because you don't go to Church.'

- 'Maybe it's to do with the weather.'

- 'It's all in your mind.'

- 'Get some fresh air.'

I'd love to know what you all thought of these statements, and if you have ever had something said to you that was just mind boggling.

Until next Monday,

Bethany S.

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