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Young, Sick and Invisible

My illness has shaped me,
But it does not define me.

Guest Post: 'Vicky's Story'

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I am Vicky, I am divorced and a single mum to 4 kids. I have cyclothymia it is mild bipolar and I struggle with anxiety and depression. I don't use medication because the negatives outweigh the positives but it's like living on a rollercoaster.

I work Two days a week as a fragrance counter sales assistant and at least three days a week from home. I think I have always known that there was something wrong but I was officially diagnosed by the psychiatric team about 5 years ago after some severe PND. I had to fight to get a diagnosis because I knew something was wrong and it was more than depression. I dabbled a bit on the internet, but only after the diagnosis. I do t agree with people using google to get a diagnosis otherwise you google headache and find out that you have a brain tumour when in fact it's a migraine.

There are no triggers really but sometimes slight things can cause me to be depressed. I don't take any meds. Sometimes I have a really bad day and take a sleeping pill to sleep it off. Say biggest tip would be to seek support, you will need it. Don't push people away, it's easy to push people away when you're feeling depressed. I wouldn't say it has had a negative or positive effect. It has taught me a lot about mental health and how to cope with my illness.

I live life to the full because I don't want my kids thinking mental health is something to be ashamed or scared of. A few friends walked away but the important ones are still here and they understand my bad times.

I understand mental health more. I know that I have been ripped apart by an illness and put back together a different way. It's a positive way and I see life in a more positive way

I hope for the future that there is more awareness for mental health. So many people think that parents should have their children taken away if they have mental health problems. Mental health is something that's hard enough to live with, without opinionated people thinking we will kill our kids.

- Medicines described in this blog are prescribed to this individual by their Doctor. Always consult your Doctor about what is best for your needs before taking any medication -

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