Young, Sick and Invisible

My illness has shaped me,
But it does not define me.

If I had 3 wishes ...


It hit me a few weeks ago, if I had three wishes what would they be ..? Give me 10 and that would be fine, but to condense them to 3 ..? It completely mind boggled me.

It's because of this I asked around on Social media, below are their answers:

Kayleigh Fischer -

1) I'd wish for health on my family ... as I pray I do not pass on my health issues to my children or their children

2) I'd wish that they always find happiness in the little things in life, never worrying about materialistic things

3) That they work hard but not so hard that they waste their lives away

Jade Cook -

1) More self love for everyone, not just including me as a lot of people need to know their worth (including me) and love themselves

2) I would love to have the ability to end suffering, whether that be from illness or troubles in someone's life (example: money problems). It would be great to lessen everyone's problems as well as your own

3) I haven't been on holiday in over a decade, so my last wish would be to catch a break from all my problems/health related problems and just get away for a few weeks. Have some much deserved me time

Leong Seng Chen -

1) To keep moving on ... with an open heart and mind

2) To share and contribute to whatever I have gone through with my personal experience and genuine eye opening journey on earth

3) To live happily with those around me

Jenny Jones -

1) To remain independent for the remainder of my days

2) Maintain my straight pull through (a bowel diversion)

3) Always have a support system

Kathy Willard -

1) I wish my teenager would just be pain free for a day

2) I wish that my child would have a just one day to have a 'typical day as a teenager', no pills, hanging with friends, no fear of a flare up any minute

3) I wish for a cure for Erythromelalgia

Jenny Clarkson -

1) For my children to be happy and healthy

2) For my progressive Multiple sclerosis to plateau and not get worse

3) To remain at least as independent as I am now

Violet Harskamp -

1) That I can walk again outside, in the forrest, on the beach ... besides he few steps in my house I can make right now

2) That I am able to make my child wish come true

3) That I can dance again

Nikki Albert -

1) To be financially sufficient at a work from home job

2) To be able to somehow manage my debt

3) Have more compassion for myself to be able to be productive

Michelle Woodward Wagner -

1) Time with my family and 5 Grandkids without pain

2) Hoping to get my Sim implant surgery this year

3) To be visible instead of feeling invisible

Nikki Kendall -

1) To travel: whether that's hiking through the country, driving a car or exploring the natural beauty of the world

2) To go back to school: can't believe I'm saying this one - but - I planned to start a degree in psychotherapy this year and I feel strongly that this is what I should do, as soon as I can

3) To be more spontaneous: I used to do things on a whim and never really noticed until I became unwell. I find myself wishing I could take my partner and show him the things I think are amazing, but instead we plan for the future and tell stories

Mandy Snyder -

1) I would get massages everyday

2) I would be able to eat fruit

3) I would find a loving partner

Carol Homer -

1) I would wish that my dad's arthritis was cured so he could walk properly again

2) I would wish I could use my Psychology degree to get into Clinical Psychology or Counselling without the problem of travel and expense, so that I could be self-employed and help others

3) I would wish that the NHS in the UK would be put back on track

Carolyn Veenstra -

1) I would be able to breathe without using my oxygen

2) Being able to walk without getting out of breath

3) That my blood count would come up normal

DS George-Jones -

1)I wish for treatments and/or medications to allow me some functionality and quality of life. I'm tired of always suffering

2) I wish people who needed help could get it and there wasn't such a stigma and discrimination and hurdles to doctors, treatments, housing, food and financial support

3) I wish more illnesses were taken seriously and studied to find underlying causes and ways to help

4) I wish doctors didn't feel hamstring by the system and thus unable to do what's best for their patients

Suzi Oliver Lawn -

1) Cancer would disappear

2) No more pain

3) The world be free of hatred

Cathy Douglas -

1) I wish I could take my son's Type 1 diabetes away so he could live a normal life

2) I wish researchers would hurry up and find a cure to MS and all autoimmune diseases

3) I wish I'd known 20 years ago what I know now about gut health, Vitamin D, etc, and maybe we wouldn't be living with a disease today

It was only till I finished writing these that I could think of my 3 wishes:

1) Be able to live one day as the old me again, be able to do anything without the fear of flaring, getting tired too easily and generally enjoying the day

2) Take away worry, my parents worry, sisters worry, my worry, and all of those who worry about things both minimal and grand

3) I wish for understanding, from Doctors, strangers, family, friends, both old and new

What would be your 3 wishes ..? Whether you have an illness or not, thinking about your three wishes really takes time, it's not a case of just chucking out random things, but if you was given three wishes, in which all would come true, what would you use them for ...?

Until next Monday,

Bethany S.

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